How to start a business in Australia

Hi, here I will document the steps I took in setting up my business. It has been 7 years since I started my business so I might have forgotten a few little steps but the important ones I can still remember. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

 - I found a good accountant that I could trust.

- I first read about business on

- I read about tax on

- I registered my business and got a A.B.N. on

- I setup a business bank account at

- I bought a P.O. box at

- I made business cards at

- I bought a domain name at

- I got my website setup by

- I found a company that could help make uniforms at

- I setup an Invoice using Microsoft Word and saved it as a .PDF

- I setup a profit and loss spread sheet using Microsoft Excel

- I setup all my social media

- I got a business mobile phone number at

- I set up a mass email program with

- I monitor my websites traffic with

- I check businesses A.B.N. details on this site

Hello world!

Welcome to

I wanted to make a blog about some of the things I have learnt from doing business in Australia. My goal is to help people that want to start a business and need an easy step by step guide.

Feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions and tips that will benefit everyone.


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